MOOC Ethics & STICs

MOOC Ethics & STICs 1920 706 Pierrette Paillassard

“What does integrity in research mean and why is it important to follow an ethical conduct in your research work? Entering a PhD programme, you are moving from a student’s position, where your main responsibility was to acquire and demonstrate acquisition of knowledge, into a position of producing knowledge. This creates new relationships with coworkers and your hosting institutions, new expectations, and new responsibilities towards science and society in general.

To help you understand these changes, the STIC doctoral school of the University Paris-Saclay provides this course to all its students. It balances a pragmatic “must know” perspective, which can and must be acquired easily and fast, with more conceptual developments aimed at opening you up to the uncertainties and risks that are specific to your scientific domain.

This course is focused on the specific types of ethical issues encountered in information technologies, which deserve specific attention. If answering an ethical dilemma in bioethics is often akin to answering the question “who are we?”, technology ethics triggers more questions of the type “where are we going?”. This, in our opinion, deserves a broad exposure”.

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